Skywater is our light installation proposal for Llum Barcelona 2018. For the last 2 weeks we have been working on the development and construction of a first idea, based on water and light as the most primitive things in the world.


With our keywords, water and light, we designed a conceptual map around them. The associations related to them, helped us thinking further about the esthetic of the hole installation.

And as we were talking about a primitive light, we thought about the Moon as one of the first light sources we had. But we also thought about how it can affect our feelings and emotions, and how is strongly related to the sea tide.

Immediately, we took the moon as an aesthetic and conceptual reference to our installation.
As the moon has always been felt as inspiring and calming, our installation wants to make people feel the same, being then, an invitation to reflect on an intimate way.

In neo-paganism, they consider the moon as a deity, called the triple Goddess, which inspired us for the storytelling of the hole installation.We took the 3 principal phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning, to represent the energy of the 3 major stages in life: birth, maturity and old age. The first one, represents youth and enthusiasm; the second one, stability in life; the last one, death, the end of the cycle of life. And we are going to represent each of these stages in our installation.


The installation has three circular structures in representation of the moon. These 3 structures would be located in a dark room, hanging from the ceiling with a projector above them, and water on each one. The users  would enter the room and a guide would ubicate them beneath the structure so they will step on the carpet, pressing into the reference points that are going to be marked. Every time they press, they will see how the water will start moving in a different ways, generating beautiful reflections.

Every time the users press into the carpet they will be stepping into pressure sensors, connected to an arduino, that is connected to a servomotor. So when they press, the servomotor would be activated so the water in the structure would start moving, generating waves that will distort the patterns projected, creating beautiful reflections into the carpet.

As we mentioned before, each structure would represent a different stage of the cycle of life. The first one, that represents youth and enthusiasm, will be having brave waves that will distort a lot this pattern of lines. The second one, that represents the stability in life, is going to move in circles, like you have found your stability and you keep going. The last one, would be the dead, the end of the cycle of life, represented with a subtle waves  what will be stopped and end the movement.

When the interaction ends, the light will start fading, waiting for a new user.