For centuries architecture and the architectural objects constitute the characteristic landscape’s elements of the particular land or region. Nevertheless in the last few decades a distinct transformation took place. Architecture is not only the reflection of the current state but it became an instrument in process of creating yet unexciting – but carefully planned in marketing strategies – economic potential of a space.

To understand the influence of capitalism on Architecture, case studies are cataloged.


The Capitalist Buildings can be observed all over the world but most of them in New york city.

In the past years a global phenomenon of pencil towers has started in Manhattan, New York City

The Phenomenon gave rise to one of the most expensive residences and creating a potential to exploit Space as Economy. Many external factors also influence for the existence of these towers.

Even after buying the apartments for very high prices most of the time apartments are empty.


These Apartments are considered as investment assets for their market value and often seen as black boxes in the sky. So these spaces can be compared to Art pieces specifically Sculptures. To understand these a catalog of sculptures is made.

To understand the value of the buildings and increase the value of them, functionality of the building is ignored in turn Aesthetics value is also increased. So What if we increase the value of Capitalist buildings by literally replacing the space with sculptures to accelerate the phenomenon to achieve a new typology and create a new fabric in the city.

One more reason to choose the sculptures is for the potential for space they have.

Many iterations are made to the accelerating process of replacing sculptures with the space to achieve a new typology.







This Thesis Focuses on the Idea of Hyperobjects, in this case Capitalism. The Hypothesis of the project is to accelerate the phenomenon of Pencil towers in this age of Financial Capitalism to achieve a new Typology and create a new fabric in the city. This project analyzed the present conditions and projected them to have a image of this phenomenon in the Future.



“SkyObelisk” is a project of IaaC,

developed in Studio: The City in the Age of HyperObjects in the program Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018/2019
Students: Hari Krishna Gundu
Advisor: Peter Trummer