PRODUINO – Final Submission

  • Tutors: Angelos Chronis – Ángel Muñóz
  • Students: Jihan Shraibati – Maria Sfeir – Fabio Rivera



The aim of the following project is to perform a game that allows users to accomplish a basic sketch drawing based on the display of a random word. Inspired by the Etch-A-Sketch drawing toy and powered by the Arduino Genuino board for electronics and coding, the game arrays a series of points that creates a straight line guided by the X and Y axis of the board. The Arduino links a series of 3 pushbuttons and 2 potentiometers: the pushbuttons are in charge of changing the color, resetting the drawing, and creating the drawline. While the potentiometers move the points according to each axis.  The Arduino software sends information and activates the system connected to the board while the Processing software displays the sketch, colors, and the random words to inspire the users to draw. The displayed words appear in a random way within 1 minute of time framing to be drawn by the players. The player with the best drawing within the time frame wins.



At the beginning we began our investigation researching about gaming codes that incentivize people to interact with the computer. We discovered that through drawing with a rotation system linking the axis makes the task more difficult but more challenging. Our initial intentions was to work with a two-players game with a divided screen but due to timing issues it was only possible to work with a single player system. After trying to change and modify the code, most of the other functions were disabled so it was only possible to create the single-player code. Finally we   invited our classmates to interact with the code so they experience an entertaining sketch battle.