The Self-Sufficient Building Studio in 2018 has been working on a campus project in the centre of Barcelona.

Years ago, people draw creatures and landscapes on the wall to communicate the surroundings.
This phenomenon was later defined as one the very beginnings of human society.
And this is also how I found myself understood our site for the campus.

Compared to the other part of Barcelona, this area is highly abandoned.
Within the blank, most of the information came from the graffiti.
So I set up my personal agenda as research the indescribable way to understand the city, listen to the society through art.
Publicness in my case is not the part when people meet and act, instead, is the relationship with the absent ones.
I call it the silence.

I am expecting the silence hold citizens in a moment they spend to read the graphics and give it a thought about how they express.

I came out some idea about how light and time can be silent.
First of all, James Turrell inspired me with his pure state of light that it seems to stripe the texture from the subject, turning reality into an abstract state.

In my case, projecting the sky on the ground is helping to remove the sense of pavement and leaving the graphics being outlined.
Secondary, the rotation and the shifting of the projection are creating a movement along with the walking pedestrian.
It feels like lingering in a space while moving.
That’s the sum of silence in light and time here at the square.

Another thinking of the silent time came from our custom to accept the fact that gravity is pulling everything to the ground.
Therefore a floating mirror is set up based on the action leading us to reflection being frozen in the air.

We gave it a bit more detail work on floating a helium balloon in the city.
First, having a base limited within a certain angle in the rotation prevents the balloon from being blown to an unexpected position.
After that, separating the attachment reduces the range of shifting.

With all the previous methodology, I hope this urban art gallery can be adapted to the street art, create the silence toward the indescribable society.
On the other hand, publicness puts lots of effort into the interaction among the people here.