Using waves as a base for our inspiration, we developed a diamond grid pattern to resemble the continuous transition that is present in shorelines. This effect is achieved by gradually increasing the cut depth from one edge to the other, but also by adding more toolpaths in the X direction as it transitions to the deeper end to give the surface a morphing complexity. As the X and Y toolpaths converge they create sinuous cavities that allow light to shine through with varying intensity depending on their void depth, abstracting our concept of fading out waves.


Material: Corian 12mm Solid Surface (Hi-Macs)
Machine: CNC Mill
Milling time: 1hr.20min.
Milling bit: Ball 20mm


Team: Francis Redman, Archana Ravikumar, Nithin Bhargav Ramesh, Kaushik Raghuraman.