Armed with the freedom to use any material we decided to challenge ourselves by attempting to use a liquid in the first stage of our experiments.

To begin with our ‘machine’ had to be something that can control water thus a propeller fan was the first thing we opted for, attaching a battery and quick on/off switch and we had our first machine. Secondly, we had to create a way to slowly drip the water and perhaps try to control it, if not during the first experiment then in the future. We attempted to have the machine and the entire setup be a part of the platform. The method we used to have the water drip slowly was to poke very small openings through the bottom end of a water bottle. In this experiment our main focus was functionality and not aesthetics, we wanted to learn about our machine and our matter before anything else. This video displays the first step in this experiment.

In addition here are a few images from the first experiment.

machine-3 machine-2 machine-4

And finally an exploded diagram that shows all the parts within the machine.