Santiago de Compostela is located in northwest Spain and is mostly known by the catholic pilgrimage route, where the final destination is the Santiago Cathedral. Each year the route brings pilgrims from all over the world.



Shel[l]ter is a capsule with the intention of connecting the pilgrims and the city in another way. The concept of a folding and portable structure came from the movement of the pilgrims and as a solution for the capsule.  


concept   Different patters were tested to understand the possibilities of creating a changeable 3D space from a flat surface. The chosen pattern is the one that showed the greater diversity of folding combined with the most interesting spaces created. pattern After choosing the patterns different materials were tested. The main goal was to have a light structure that the users could carry, change it’s form and that could return to the original form. from the paper the material was changed to plastic and later to cardboard connected through textile. During the process strings were attached to the model to allow it to be static in the different shapes it can be arranged. materials big model In the big scale model some problems with the material were identified and also two ways to continue developing the project. One of them more connected to the pilgrims ┬áis to create camping tents that could they could use during their stay in Santiago de Compostela. the other one is to create an interactive urban furniture that visitors and inhabitants cloud play with creating different spaces. For each one of the ways other materials should be studied to achieve the best performance of the capsule.


big model2