for the Digital tools for cloud-based data management seminar at MACAD / IAAC i’ve created a shelf generator that makes computational design available for non designers. it empowers them to generate their costumized shelf, download the blueprint + get it manufactured locally. although the app is still a prototype it already points towards a future of modern manufacturing, geometry as a service.


© clemens russ


the algorithm was created in grasshopper for rhino. using rhino compute preinstalled on a heroku app server enabled the seamless publishing of the app. calling compute through javascript provided the plattform to bring the app to a webbased format.  accessing the grasshopper inputs by rhinocompute and user user strings enabled this project. using THREEjs library helped to setup a scene and materials for the geometry. html + css was used to provide a form + styling to the homepage. the code is connected to my github repository (mephistophelez) and deployed to a heroku app server.

SHELFIFY is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the  Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design, Artificial Intelligence in Architecture  2021/22 by Student: clemens russ   and Faculty: david andres leon, hesham shawqy.