What is my sense?

The sense chosen was sight or spacial awareness. Intrigued by the concept of total awareness, I found that the rest of the animal kingdom has found some solution, like the owl which can turn its head 270ยบ and the Mantis Shrimp which has eyes that have a wider vision and more color cones.

This brings us back to having these kinds of helpers in our daily lives. Can we embrace such a new way of living? Will it have a mayor impact?

What the device is

Its a device that will help us be more aware of our surroundings; it might help some of us feel safer. It is the combination of the existing concepts of near field detection, spacial awareness and wearable tech.

What it could become

The end goal is to create a device that helps you understand your surroundings without ever feeling in the way. In other words, a part of you.

The device

The designed device is a headband that has 2 pairs of ultrasonic sensors coupled with vibration motors. When something gets near (less than 50 cm, programable by the user) a vibration in the direction of the approaching object will let the user know. This vibration will get more intense as the object gets closer.