Self Sufficient Building Studio Virtual Tour is a virtual reality platform created to extend the representation of the outgoing academic architectural project as well as to implement new ways of gathering information from the potential client (current case – tutors and jury) while analysing their interests and performance while using the platform.
The project covers 6 blocks located in Poblenou district in Barcelona and consists of three architectural proposals on that area.

Virtual Reality was chosen as the medium in order to help make the site and the architectural proposals more perceptible for the audience.
Through the use of VR technology, people get the chance to explore the site and therefore get a better understanding of the materiality, scale and architectural dimensions.

The project takes the audience to three selected scenes from the site where the three proposals of the students are placed:
Algae Escape; We Are Water; Moving School

As the Virtual Reality project runs, the user can decide which project to go to with the use of the three specified buttons.

Each of the proposals adds the different value to the surrounding site which was animated using Unity. The added value of the Algae Escape project could be seen by particles of produced O2. The added value of the project We Are Water is portrayed by the production of the flow of clean water and The Moving School stands out by the motion of the balloons along the side.

Scenes Hierarchy

Data Collection

The final stage of the project mapped and gathered data about the users and their tendencies to stay on each of the selected views.


“Self Sufficient Building Studio Virtual Tour” is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018 by:
Students: Baran Mostafa Tehrani, Gabriele Liuda Jureviciute, Francois Nour
Faculty: Starsky Lara