MAA Students: Alessandra Antonetti (Italy), Liv Grete Framgard (Norway) Research Studio: Self Sufficient Buildings Studio Instructors: Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio Support Seminars Faculty: Luis Fraguada , Guillem Gamprodon, Oriol Carrasco Project Summary: How can we provide the community of Torre Baro with a shared, exible space that can inhabit temporarily availiable, steep plots to generate local produce and hence, opening for a boost to the local economy? An autonomous, rapidly erected structure that utilizes wastewater, combines the natural puri cation methods of a “living machine” with aeroponics and aquaponics and produces, by means of a series of microclimatic pools, vertical agriculture. The exibility of the structure makes it apt for rapid adjustment, which responds to varying seasonal aquatic processes and gives users the opportunity to in uence the shape of the building to t their needs and desires. On a global scale the structure is also a proposition for a self-su cient aiding device, concidering the current global concern of crisis infrastructures, with the increase in hazardous weather conditions as a result of global warming combined with the still growing populations in third world countries.