Self Sufficient Building Studio . Final Presentation By: Luz Michelle Lavayen

The objective of the project is to transform one Cerda Block of Barcelona into a Self Sufficient Block. The main concepts for developing the block were to free the ground level, create an underground patio and use it as a public green space in order to connect and give back interactive spaces to the city. Analyzing the structure of a tree and its growth I can relate the process of the project. Organizing the different programs according to better location for those activities and also connecting them. The inverted topography of the building will work as structure, vertical circulation and fluid system for sustainable elements, it also becomes the skin of the building. This metabolic structure will serve to harvest water to produce energy, clean grey water for farming and public green areas, waste management, geothermal system, wind power from turbines located in the top patios and  solar photovoltaic panels on south side of the block where it can take advantage of the most of radiation.

Click here to see full publication of the project. self sufficient block_luz michelle lavayen