To know about the future of a place, we need to understand its history. We went back in time to learn about the transformation of Poblenou. The current layout is based on the repetitive idea of Le Corbusier’s “Radiant City”. In the near future, this will change due to the @22 mega project.

Our approach is behavioral & sociological; this is why we conducted a one on one survey and 2 live experiments to extract as much data from the users.  We used very primitive tools, but the results were astonishing.

Based on these results, we mapped out all the activities and behaviors of the users. Some of them were unique and some were overlapping. We focused on what they needed rather than what they had.

Our thesis is based on these studies and how to provide the users with tools to reach their needs instead of imposing on them. This is the main idea of our project: How to let the user decide rather than obey.

The current state of the street is a static space filled with ready-made elements. If every user had the choice to create their own need, then the street will become a dynamic pulsating mesh of activities hence reaching our goal of making the Rambla del Poblenou street a self made one.