The project is inspired by the marble texture of the wall. In further, regenerating the organic geometry in three-dimensional space allows the pattern to become not only decorative but also functional. The project redefines the relation between wall and bench. Moreover, the Self-Growing Structure envisions that the 3D pattern geometry will become a shape-changing seat and corresponding to the core value of Mies Van Der Rohe design approach, “Less is More.”






On the other hand, the approach to grown the structure is based on the Grasshopper plugin, Anemone and Kangaroo. Utilizing the recursive subdivision process and mesh relaxation, the based geometry is able to start the self-growing process. There is great potential for the approach. At least I am extremely interested in developing the self-growing structure since different load be applied to the vertices is able to simulate diverse kinds of natural growing system and morphology.


Self-growing Structure is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Computational Design in 2017/2018
by: Students: Yuchen Chen