Generative Recursion

Starting from a base Icosahedron a recursive logic was devised which resulted in a fractal-like spiraling growth. The controlled selection of succesive growth points gave rise to a plant like growing structure.

Transformation Logic
From the base Icosahedron random length vectors, normal to the top 5 five faces are created. The faces are then moved, rotated and scaled along these vectors, after which they are lofted with the original faces to create the branch-like shapes. Finally the second generation of icosahedrons are placed at the end of each branch.Recursive Logic
After the initial logic is applied and the second generation of icosahedrons is created only one of these is  selected to continue with the growing process.
Master in Advanced Architecture
SO.03 Computational Design – Generative Recursion
Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Solazzo
Student: Sebastian Amorelli