SEA-TY LOOP – Mar Bella Park

The goal of this proposal is to rejuvenate the post-touristy Barcelona waterfront, which is facing a difficult future because of the era of mass tourism. This project adheres to the X-Urban design studio’s guiding principles Project Sea-ty Loop aims to connect the sea to the city by bringing all these dispersed urbanization, knowledge, and innovation functions of Poblenou 22@ to the Poblenou waterfront and integrating them into a single loop.

Waterfront of Barcelona

A concise explanation of Barcelona’s waterfront development potential. Barcelona has been catching up in terms of urban, economic, and social rejuvenation during the previous few decades. The water front of the city is essential to its development. Here, we tried to list a handful of Barcelona’s most significant water fronts.

Chapter 0ne
Discussing waterfront of Barcelona

An exponential increase in domestic and foreign visitors was a result of Barcelona’s waterfront (Port Vell and Barceloneta) redesign. A former industrial neighborhood with abandoned factories, warehouses, and railroad yards that was closed off to the public by the B-10 motorway has been transformed into one of the most picturesque waterfront places that is available to the public.

When comparing the distances between these three ports to comprehend the relationship between the port and the city, it is evident that Poblenou is more far from the waterfront than the other two.

Despite having comparable industrial histories, the ideas for transforming the Port Vell, Barceloneta, and Poblenou neighborhoods could not be more dissimilar. Barceloneta and Port Vell’s waterfront region has been focusing on recreation, public spaces, retail, and entertainment, which has brought in millions of visitors over the years.

Chapter Two
Poblenou 22@

The Poblenou makeover is being spearheaded by the 22@Barcelona project, which is named after the municipal society 22 ARROBA BCN, S.A.U. Poblenou has historically been an industrial neighborhood, much like Port Vell and Barceloneta. Its unique and intricate urban design isolates it from Barcelona by way of the railroads. Poblenou has been Barcelona’s premier industrial neighborhood and Catalonia’s primary economic engine for more than a century. The 22@Barcelona project aims to revitalize the historical, social, and economic vitality of Poblenou by converting the vacant industrial sites into a space with excellent urban and environmental quality and new knowledge- and innovation-related businesses.

Although the plan encompasses locations throughout the neighborhood, it is mostly concentrated in two areas of Poblenou.


Urbanization, Innovation & Technology

A growing number of businesses have shifted to the well-liked neighborhood since 2000. 4,500 businesses had already established themselves in the district after ten years. Barcelona is developing into a desirable innovative center for start-ups and foreign corporations. Additionally, the city actively supports businesses while they travel.

Chapter Three
Mar bella Park

Chapter Four
Bringing Urbanization, Knowledge and Innovation of 22@ to the Poblenou seafront


Chapter Four





Track and Field

Creative Centre

Sports Park


Residential Block

City bridge

Research And Development Centre

Creative Centre

Housing + Design Centre



City Side Residential Block

Sea Side Residential Roof

Ramps of Creative Centre

Creative Centre

R&D Centre

Sports Park

Track And Field





SEA-TY LOOP – Mar Bella Park is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Divya Shah,  Harshul Goti, Vishakha Pathak ; Faculty: Mathilde Marengo, Willy Müller, Student Assistants: Adriana Aguirre Such and Visiting Assistants: Osmin Avalos