Sea Level Rise

Factors affecting the sea level rise on a global scale.

The top factors affecting global sea level rise include fossil fuel burning, population (coastal habitations are an immediate threat), agricultural and industrial processes. This in turn increases the release of green house gases in the atmosphere. Hence resulting in an increased temperature of the earth’s atmosphere.

Furthermore rising temperatures result in thermal expansion of the ocean waters resulting in an increased volume of ocean waters. To balance this increase in the water temperature, more and more ice from the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica keeps adding to the existing volume. This resultsĀ in an eventual overall sea level rise although the mass of the water remains same.

The immediate steps to countermeasure these threats towards sea level rise would be working towards redistributing our resources. If we work towards building a sharing based economy where nations could distribute the resources they produce in access and borrow those they are short of, it would reevaluate our crisis towards using all our natural resources. Also finding alternatives for fossil fuel based production technique is the next step. And so we could harness more solar and wind energy which would result in a decrease in greenhouse gases emissions.