Time in Geometry

The use of inexpensive materials in an economical manner as a method of maximising structural effect is a fundamental aspect of Gaudi’s work. Using the inherent strength and economy of double curved surfaces for (ostensibly) social ends makes Gaudi’s architecture a pioneering example of advanced geometric forms. The mere fact that he was able to conceptualize his trademark style without the computational means that we have today is astounding.

The surface of these models is comprised of rotated planes. To make the straight guiding line, a cord was tied taut (or a metal bar was hung horizontally at a certain height) between the highest and lowest points of the roof.  In the models below, one can see the clear final results reached with simple geometrical exercises.

In order to start from this point, we established a system employing simple geometries in order to achieve our bifurcations. Furthermore, the changes between different geometries will produce our bifurcation system.







Mark Burry

Rodrigo Aguirre



Cagan Izigi

Evelina Ilina

Gelder Van Limburg Stirum

Ricardo Mayor Luque

Thanos Zervos

Keesje Avis