We are all conscious of our presence based on our sensory system. Through our senses we exist, we are conscious, we perceive, we feel ourselves, the others and the space around us. This is what shape us and define our reality.

Can we go beyond our reality?
Can this usual/granted sensations be the trigger to erase boundaries and limitation, leaving a space for art and technology to merge and reveal new things?
To augment and be a getaway to satisfy a need or curiosity?

Technology excelled when it comes to phones, watches, and every invention based on sound, light, touch, direction… We have the freedom to decide about which music we hear, which TV program or magazine we see, which food we taste… Smell seems to exist without much influence even though studies have proven that our olfactory sensations have important interconnections with memory, emotions.

Can we augment the sense of smell? Can a smell be a trigger to enhance social interaction?
Can a simple touch be translated to a note then smell?
A touch on my arm can say more than a greeting, it can play a note, a smell and a feeling.

Fluid, light, shaped, is the smoke and the essence, but also the wearable veins of my body. Through their implementation on my skin up to the highest point of my body and soul, I will define your ID, play your personalized note, emit an essence and engrave our memory.
I believe that the fragrance can go beyond a signature, as it stimulates feelings which is based on people, and on social interaction. Trace your hand on my shoulder so your smell can sparks a flurry of emotional memories.

ScentTrack is this new social experience, and the reality outside the boundaries and limitation of material and energy.