Energy and Water systems

Using the available to make the system sustainable

The design process of the Sant Adrià project is to achieve a holistic sustainability. And the main part in this process were the use of sustainable systems – targeting Energy and Water. Having very good source of both sun and rain in Barcelona, depending on these readily available natural climatic resources, proved to make the block efficient in these respects.

Solar Gain

Given the orientation of the individual blocks to face the East, South and the West sun, maximum solar gain can be achieved. Solar panels with different transparencies (synonymous to capacities) is used, with respect to the function of the space it covers.

Workshop – Rooftops


Residences – Green house covers

Residences – Facades

Summary of solar energy gained


Water system

In addition to the water requirements by the users for domestic purposes, there was a heavy demand of water by the agricultural cultivation. The rainwater collected from the entire block is made sure that it satisfied this extensive demand. In addition to this, the grey water collected from the domestic uses, is treated, to be used again in efficient ways.

Water cycle

Water use statistics