The sandbox, inspired by Frei Otto, is a tool where we are able to study the sandpile formations. The negative that is being created by opening the holes and letting the sand fall down to create the positive. The configuration of the holes is a hexagonal grid and the holes can be manipulated one by one. The sandbox is an analogue interactive game, where every user can make a customized unique pattern of the sand formation according to time of deposition and sequence of opening and closing of the holes. The generative part comes from the human resource and there are infinite configurations that cannot be calculated. The sequence of depositing the sandpiles is visualized in the form of color gradient. The final outcome is revealing a set of instructions that were followed in order to create the fractal formation pattern. Solidifying the positive and the negative sand formation is giving an aspect of re-usability to the formwork. The process of  extracting and reordering creates two materials that work supple-mentally and fit one another. Layering in the process creates fossil-like structures and can differentiate the structure’s density.