The S-War-D is an attempt to record and portray the relationship between the agents within a
swarm generative code. In other words, the resulted drawings are a projection of the behavior
and movements of a cluster of random points under the influence of their own reaction to one
another and to other present forces. The differences in visual outcomes of these drawings are
associated with the modification of the forces or through the manipulation of the reactions of
these points to their environment and to their surrounding points.
The main objective of the project was to reach more complex and visually radical outcomes that
could also be aesthetic and pleasant to the eye, through manipulation of the forces while in
parallel, the logic of it, was translated into two different protocols; one to be done by humans
and the other through a machine of choice. While each of the protocols, computational,
mechanical and hand-drawn, attempted to reach the closest outcome to one another, their
established logic and language was quite different as it was adjusted to the comprehension and
the intelligence of the receiving end.
The work structure of the project was organized in a way, that all three parts and protocols were
rather intertwined and dependant on each other to the extent that each part would affect and
influence the process and the result of the other two, that led to a reciprocating design process.