The manner in which a plant grows, spreading its leaves to the sun and receiving the maximum possible photons to initiate its metabolic process, similar is the principle of our design.  The design primarily focuses on the adaptability of a building facade to harness the solar energy and use it for building systems. The intelligence in the design involves the moving ability of the solar panels on the skin to adjust according to the incident solar radiation.  Each frame is sub divided into a  glazing and a solar panel system.  The numerous panels together, parametrically peel out of the skin to maximize the gain in solar energy.  This allows a building skin to absorb solar energy for a maximum duration in a day.

Please follow the link to download the PDF version: atripaldi_carvallo_kumar_assignment2-small Please follow the link to watch a short animation: Intelligent Building Facade’s Components Enjoy it..! Team: Antonio Atripaldi Hugo Carvallo Viraat Kumar