Catenary Collusion


During this term, our processing seminar has been focused on morphological programming. Out of the various lessons, I have chosen to focus my efforts on the catenary system as I am using it as a tool to realize a structural grid in the Self Sufficient Buildings studio. My site is an enormous valley created by a cement mine and I plan to hang chains from specific points across the mine. In order to do this, I have chosen to employ a tool such as processing, which will allow me to simulate this action without any of the hindrance created by other programs. This freedom is the beauty of processing. My sketch shows two catenary systems, the second of which is anchored to points both on the surface of the first one and in a stable position. This will allow me to study the reaction of the secondary system in relation to the behavior of the first. It would be fairly simple to make the systems symmetrical and add more systems, although it does not support my context and its prerequisite of asymmetry. This is the foundation, however I intend to build on it and use it as a tool throughout the duration of my programming seminar and studio project.

Tutor: Angelos Chronis

Student: Keesje Avis