SALOU the objective of the project is to question the stigma associated with theme parks and investigate what Salou can learn from these, enabling its design and further development through this. Salou becomes a theme park, dissolving its contrapositive with Portaventura, etc, to define its new centrality.43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain



Mass is used to describe something which involves or affects a very large number of people. 


Tourism is the business of providing services for people on holiday, e.g hotels, restaurants, and trips.



Learning from Benidorm is the most effective example of mass tourism. Salou’s development over the last 20 years.

Salou homes a campsite specially designed for tourists, just opposite the seaside and surrounded by pine trees and woods. At the same time at the beginning of the 90s Salou experienced a setback. The tourism model has to adapt to changes in markets, such as the crisis of the English market. From 1995 Port Aventura marks a before and after. The development of tourism in the area. This was a pioneer in the offer of theme parks in Europe. The year 2000 – 2010 were marked by spectacular growth due to the improvement in the quality of hotels and the services they offer to tourists. In addition, Salou attracts attention to investments from international groups. The resorts are located between these two villages Vila Seca and Salou on the Costa Daurada.


What is  Mass Urban PosTourism?




They are three main points of densities. In the city of Salou. To the north, east, and west. Why is SALOU organized in this way? The city developed along the seafront over the last 20yrs. The recent developments. The Theme Parks created a transversal sector of a new type of economical tourism in Salou. The connection between Salou and Port Avantura. Could be described as modern tourism. How the two spaces relate to each other is through infrastructural facilities designed for entertainment tourism. The seafront caters to a more calm and relaxed type of tourism.


What does this analysis say? 

The development of the theme park, inland causes a financial crisis. On the residential tourism market along the sealine. For example, it could be seen as local scale urbanization, or Mass Post Urban Tourism without the circularity component. 




  • Theme parks  – create attractions for all ages and have a high priority on public space vs Salou.
  • Have you ever dreamed of traveling to another world?
  • Well, at a theme park, you can leave your daily life behind and be whisked away to a place of imagination and fun!
  • It’s a place to bring friends and family together.
  • The three golf courses use 170 hectares of land around Salou.
  • The water park takes up 50 hectares of space around Salou.
  • The theme parks offer enough space to escape the stressful city life.
  • Casual workouts –  When your body releases adrenaline and endorphins, your body is telling you “again, again!” and encourages you to live life at its fullest as you embrace the thrill.



Strategies 1

Promote the dispersal of visitors within the city and beyond.

  • Host more events in less-visited parts of the city and in its surroundings 
  • Develop and promote visitor attractions and facilities in less-visited parts of the city and in its surroundings 
  • Improve the capacity of and time spent at attractions 
  • Create a joint identity between the city and its surroundings
  • Implement a travel card for unlimited local travel 
  • Mark the entire city as inner-city to stimulate visitation of less-visited parts

Strategies 2

Promote the dispersal of visitors within the city and beyond.

  • Promote new itineraries at the city entry points and through the visitor’s Journey, including at tourist  information centers 
  • Offer combined discounts for new itineraries and attractions 
  • Produce city guides and books highlighting hidden treasures 
  • Create dynamic experiences and routes for niche visitors 
  • Stimulate the development of guided tours through less-visited parts of the city 
  • Stimulate the development of guided tours through less-visited parts of the city 
  • Develop virtual reality applications for famous sites and attractions to complement onsite visits


Starts and Ends 



Salou + Yas Land


Site Locations 


The core concept proposed by Rem Kollhas implies density and also massiveness. However, as on their occasions, Koolhas cleverly managed to shake off what might otherwise have ended up being his own pitfall and quickly formulated new concepts, double-barrelled terms he coined like ~ congestion without matter ~ and density without architecture, which he opposed initially related terms.

Some years later he proposed strategies he called ~ of the void ~, in which this became the focus instead of the opposite term, the mass. While the modernity of these strategies could be claimed on the town planning scale, a number of important projects on the individual building scale revived procedures from the academic tradition, now tackled from a fresh angle, and others put new strategies into practice.


Centralized systems vs Decentralized systems

In front of numerous characterizations and assignment declarations. Innovators, Architects, and Urban environmentalists designers. Are still unclear to describe the technology of a modern-day smart city.

“We claim in the name of steamship, the airplane, and the automobile, the right to health, logic, daring, harmony, perfection,”

Le Corbusier wrote.

“We must refuse to afford even the slightest concession to what is to the mess we are in now … there is no solution to be found there,”

He advised the psychology of happiness was a formula, a matter of geometry and efficiency. But his ethos was impartial. He believed that most urban problems could be fixed by separating the city into functionally pure districts arranged according to simple, rational diagrams of the master architects. The geometric zoning of the future city should not be meandered on a back-and-forth system, of pragmatism, greed, racism, and fear.

Perhaps this is why we so enthusiastically embraced the solution of networking the urban architecture design of the city of Salou.




Green Corridor



Trans-Disciplinary Actor

Man has a prejudice against himself, anything which is a product of his mind seems to him to be unreal or comparatively insignificant. We are satisfied only when we fancy ourselves surrounded by objects and laws independent of our nature.
George Santayana

But what is nature, Why is a custom not natural, I greatly fear that this nature itself is only a first custom as the custom is second nature.
Blaise Pascal

X-Urban Design Studio /// MAA01 2021/2022.

Project developed by Leorick Chilimanzi, Preetam Prabhakar & James Alock 
Faculty: Willy Müller & Mathilde Marengo
Professor Assistant: Adriana, Margaret