January, 2012.

Our first impression of what was happening on the site, and how we understood it, had to be represented in a short video, where our interest in researching a specific line of information/topic had to be chosen and shown in this manner. We were attracted right from the beginning to the “dynamics” of the site, the logistics of how a cargo port and a cruise terminal work, and what these two separate programs which are working in conjuction with the city imply. Our interest for the “moving things” was born at this point, and was explored deeper in future submissions, we understood we needed to map mobility networks and interactions in order to understand fully the logistics of the port and then determine if these flows should be kept or could be re-structured and fit new programs on site, a new type of port maybe? the port of the future? Devyani Gupta (India)- Farshad Mehdizadeh (Iran) – Maria Elena Amescua (Mexico)