March, 2012.

Fort this presentation the research topic had evolved from studying mobility and flows to something that could be measured in a more precise way, our first approach was to measure the density, fluidity, timetables and places where the people are “directing” to, we were enthusiastic about the idea of understanding by means of data and patterns what is drawning the agents of study, in this case, people, and vehicles, apart or together, to understand the capabilities and implications that a program and certain types of infrastructure have, and how the “swarm intelligence” was reacting to these attractors or repellers, not only on site, but along the coastline and nearby attractors to the port, and to begin to think of a port where the programs could stretch along the whole coast line of Barcelona, in a responsive to data influx manner. Devyani Gupta. Farshad Mehdizadeh. Maria Elena Amescua