Roughly Smooth – Transition


Just as leaves grow at different densities and shape depending on the light intensity,
the target here is to mimic this phenomenon with an organic form.
The concept behind this design is to simply show how the intensity of light reduces
when the outermost surface is further from the light, and intensifies when closer
to the light; with the lowest point of thickness at 1mm and the highest at 12mm.
In addition; integrating another sort of evolution, demonstrating an alteration from
rough to smooth. This is performed by experimenting with the density in cutting path.
Therefore; using the same CNC Milling bit throughout the process to show the
transition from rough to smooth, also establishing the maximum level of smoothness
this organic form can reach. Strategically, the constant is the Milling Bit and the
only factor changing is the Spacing in Milling Path.

CNC Milling Process:



Post – Profiling:



Final Product:



Milling Time: 42 mins        Material: 12mm Solid Surface (Hi-Macs)         Milling Bit: Flat 6

StudentMarcel :  Marcel Dawid, Ya-Chieh Chang, Antoinette El Chidiac, Emre Demir