Project name – The Roof House

Project Brief  :

The key criterion was for the participants to express the versatile use potential of glued laminated timber in the architectonic design of this building, to emphasize the modern techniques the material enables to work in, to find new visual solutions.

The Southern façade, the central one that faces the main square, combines a bionic shape and a structural design solution thus exemplifying synergy between wood — the traditional material — and contemporary trends in design and art: pixel art, abstract sculptures, parametric architecture. An unexpected for a wooden building visual aesthetics is designed to create an image that will remain etched in the memory, the new “face” of the company that focuses not only on traditions but also on innovative, fresh approaches in architecture.


Pseudo Code :

    1.  Draw a curve > Link to grasshopper
    2.  Divide the curves equal interval of points.
    3.  Place vertical lines in all the points using Unit Z vector.
    4. Draw a brick and orient it to the Vertical line start point using a guide line.
    5. Using the List item the points extracted from Z-axis is linked by Graft tree.
    6. Keeping the list length command creating a sequence using graph mapper by a range of input values.
    7. Keeping graph mapper its been multiplied to attain a curve path.
    8. Using Tree Statistics all the integers are listed vertically throughout the points.
    9. The horizontal and vertical lines connected to all points are connected to a surface
    10. All the segments are grouped into a surface.
    11. All necessary constraints are given for creating a box with material mentioned.



Iteration 1



Iteration : 2




Parametric Facade is an exercise of Computation Design at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in Master in Advanced Architecture 2018 by:

Students: Haresh Ragunathan

Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre, David Andres Leon