The role of a designer and user in the process
of autonomous-algorithmic decisions in daily life

My main interest is not in robotics and automation, but rather in unpredictable situations and errors and sociological aspect of the relation between user and algorithm. I trust, that in future full of autonomous household appliances and based on their algorithms decisions, mistakes will be often and will have a bigger everyday impact for us, than military or cars. During this seminar, I will try to describe possible problems and solutions in our autonomous future.


Algorithms that try to support humans in better, faster, easier decision and tasks are going more and more popular, announcing the further development of this technology. But even when programmers try to make them infallible, accidents are inevitable. In this paper, I will discuss possible mistakes and errors by autonomous decision programs. One of the main topics will be a human role to predict and to analyze software decisions. Also, consequences and responsibilities will be analyzed. Actual law situation is not clear and unprepared for nonhuman accidents. Also mainly everyday systems will be considered, with just short view for military and aircraft industry as a reference. Main interest will be in simply decisions and household appliances, possible in every home, they may have the biggest impact and influence on life with low availability threshold.