Robots are being used in increasing numbers in manufacturing throughout the world. The expanded use of industrial robots in manufacturing and the increased projections of greater numbers in the future has resulted in a greater interest by the construction robots are expected to improve working conditions, reduce accidents and increase construction productivity. Robotics in the construction industry is a young and fast growing interdisciplinary field.

This research focus on existing robotics and automation in  construction process and new emerging robotic technologies, all while keeping in mind the societal implications the new technologies may have. The study identifies and analyzes the benefits and limitations of a wide array of robotic applications.

The end result of this project could be extended to the construction industry as a whole.

Research Problem :

Automation and robotics have helped manufacturing, retail, and agriculture industries increase productivity by 1,500% since 1945 (McKinsey 2017). In contrast, however, construction productivity has remained relatively stagnant during the same time period. For the robotics industry, construction presents potential use cases and unique applications that can utilize a variety of evolving technologies from drones, ground robotics, teleoperation, machine vision, additive manufacturing, and assistive robotics.

Research Question :

Automation has been implemented in other industries to solve challenges associated with labour productivity, innovation,  material waste, quality control, etc. – but why not construction?

How can robotic technologies be used to benefit the construction industry ?

Hypothesis :

  • To identify possible applications of robotics to the various building construction tasks.
  • To specify robot requirements necessary for performance of these tasks.
  • To examine the general feasibility of robotic application at the present and future state of building and robotic technology.
  • To outline a procedure for detailed planning and evaluation of robotic application to performance of the desired activities.

Methodology :

Method of the Study : The study will consisted of the following stages:

  •  Survey of existing knowledge with reference to the system explored .
  •       The survey comprised the following sources:
  1. Books, papers, symposium proceedings , trade periodicals in the field of robotics.
  2. Books, manuals, specifications and- other publications on construction technology.
  3. Communications with experts in the field of robotics
  4. Communications with robots manufacturers, major construction firms, distributors of construction equipment.
  • Examination of the present state of robot technology in view of building construction needs
  • Examination of the building construction methods in view of the robotic performance capacity
  • Specification of robot requirements with reference to major types of construction activities
  • Examination of robots implementation needs in building construction
  • Economic evaluation of robots applications to building construction.

Index and Status of the research :

Database system :

For Database the software used is Mendeley, that helpful for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

The papers and books I read mainly focus on the Robotics and Automation in AEC Industry.

Robotics and Automation in AEC Industry is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (M.R.A.C.) in 2019 by,

Student:  Subhash Prajapat

Faculty: Ricardo Devesa