This Festival was inspired by other european cities where light becomes the main resource to transform urban architecture. This Festival aims to connect citizens with their city and sees light installations in historic + iconic buildings that people don’t normally get to see.  The proposal presents “spirits rising”, a 10 minute show sequence is the interaction of the audience the phase of the show.


The festival is centred around Eul lia who was a 13 year old christian that stood up to Emperor Diocletian, captured, arrested and tortured. She was subjected to 13 tortures by the romans. One for each of her life.  Following her decapitation a dove is said to have flewn from her neck.


The installation see’s the process. The installation will see the incorporation of sensor technology to see the light show commence.  The image below depicts the blood of the christians, which will descend on the audience. The audience will be required to make clapping and noise to repent the romans into a state which sees the doves rising.


Three (12000 lumen) projectors will be positioned around the site to project the lighting display. Kinect technology will be positioned in the walls to track people movement. Arduino sound sensors will be used to incorporate audience participation.


Schematic of the placement of projectors illuminating the site and sensor technology capturing the response to people.

technical-drawings-2 The budget is limited to 3000 euro for the installation, including rental for the projectors, front entrance wood frame covered in black cloth.


This is a project proposal for the Llum BCN Lighting Festival 2017, completed in the pursuit of Master of Advanced Architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. This seminar has been supported by tutors; Luis Fraguada, Maria Kuptsova, Ece Tankel, and guest lecturer Klaus Obermaier.