Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire is a post-apocalyptic, first-person experience in which the player has to complete a series of missions in order to stop the nearby volcanic eruption from destroying everything around them. The game meets fit on target audience of 18+. Their role is to incorporate their skills and previous knowledge to solve missions that present complex real life issues. The system and tools in the game require previous knowledge on science and architecture. The interaction pattern is Virtual Reality, where players will have to walk through the game finding objects and using them in a specific way. These objects or tools include instruments that measure ground deformation, and measure seismic activity. But at the same time the idea of building shelters requires technical knowledge of architecture and construction.

The goal of the game is to piece together lost memories in order to solve how to prevent the volcanic eruption, which would consequently destroy the player’s world. Players will collect memoirs and objects which will trigger flashbacks to their past, in which they were part of a scientific team who created a solution to prevent volcanic eruptions. The end goal is to combine the found objects to the device which will stop the eruption.




The player wakes up inside a building in ruins (Geodesic dome) not knowing where he is or what happened. The site is in ruins, showing something happened. He has some flashbacks of his previous life showing he is or was a scientist and used to work for a company . He goes out of this building and the picture is a disaster. The trees are destroyed, the ground misses big parts and there is no presence of human and animal life. He realizes that he is in a post-apocalyptic world, but once again he can’t remember anything.

He begins his journey through a path which he finds convenient and soon realizes that there are vibrations on the ground. He continues through the path and observes in a distance there is a volcano about to erupt and a river of lava. He follows the path of the lava to reach the top and take a look at the surroundings. He sees that everything is destroyed and there is a chain of volcanoes erupting. Suddenly the earth starts shaking again and realizes he has limited time either to escape or to stop the volcano from erupting. He has another flashback revealing that his former company was working on a machine able to prevent volcano eruptions.

He returns to the dome and looks through the project files finding some videos which explain how to finish building the machine and how it works. One of the videos explains the components are kept in storage inside a shelter in a camp site. He grabs the map next to the computer and decides to head to the camp site. On his way, the earth shakes get more intense and because of this, the bridge that connects the path with the campsite is damaged, he can’t cross. At this time he manage to arrange many pieces of wood and some rocks to build his way across the river.

When he finally cross the river, at the other side he has another flashback. This time he remembers that he and his colleges used to work in an small cabin with a big underground laboratory. With the map in his hand he star seeking for this place while his running out of time and the lava is all over the place. As he beats many goals in the trajectory refer to building shelters and basic infrastructure he reaches the cabin and goes inside. In the interior of the cabin he has to solve some puzzles to be able to go down to the lab. When he reaches the lab he realized that there is a tool made for stopping the eruption of the chain of volcanos.

In the final stage of the game the player grabs the map again but he realize that there is not the way of going to the volcano. While this is happening the movement of the earth becomes unmanageable and the path is getting impossible to cross. In the way he meets other people trying to survive and they manage to reach the last volcano. Because of another flashback he realized that the people he met before was some of the colleges that he worked with in the lab. The continue the path and reach the top of the volcano when the player throws the device into the crater and stop the eruption.