RGB-3 explores the use of digitally activated objects capable of contact less / gesture interaction.Interaction takes the form of a Rubik’s Cube, digitally enhanced for solving by gesture recognition and feedback. RGB-3 senses, and responds. It is a console that has the potential to link user, data and physical computing applications.



// Material

  • 4mm Plywood box
  • RGB Neo-pixel light strip – 50 lights
  • 4mm Acrylic for each pixel of Rubik’s cube
  • Aluminium foil for Capacitive Touch

// Component Software


// Component Hardware


// Arduino Script Logic


// Processing Script Logic


// Arduino Circuit Diagram


// Gameplay


// Gameplay Video



Students : Aman Jain | Ewald Jooste | Rana Mahran

Faculty : Angel Munoz | Cristian Rizutti

Project developed as part of IaaC MAA program 2017-2018.