The site is located in the city of Barcelona, in one of the most important urban parks of the city. It also includes the Estación de Francia, the oldest train station in Spain, and the zoo. The Ronda Litoral, a highly used highway, also known as B-10, crosses the site in it’s central part. The irony is that the physical connection elements of the city, such as roads and train tracks, are the ones creating the disconnection between the different areas of the site. The strategy of our proposal is to “explode” the program of the zoo throughout the territory, connecting the Ciutadella Park with the Barceloneta Park. The Estación de Francia, which will soon stop working as a train station, will be incorporated into the urban park as an open/closed space. The Ronda will be redesigned to respond to the future of transportation. Cars as we know it will not be forever, and the roads must adapt. Click the link below to see more details of the proposal:

By Carolina Libardi, Daniela Quesada and Erina Filipovska.