The Goal is to make a responsive ribbons that can change the shading by controlling amount of opacity to inside.

The ribbons will move on the louvers so they bend to control the opacity. Also all of the louvers points will move in  order to get maximum sunlight in daylight.

The Bending of Tensile Ribbons are shown and calculated in order for better understanding.


Process of Design:

1: Creating line and extruding it to create the facade and make the grid and using Weaver Bird for Panels and windows

2: Generating facade surface by pulling points and graph mapper Using Sequences of Graph Mapper for main animation slider

3. Making Horizontal Louvers and Extruding it

4: Generating The vertical Ribbons

5: Moving Each Points of ribbons in Y Axis for changing
opacity of inside

7: Adding text using human Plugin

8: Adding  Material using human Plugin

9: Adding  responsive sequences(opacity changes) using     human plugin

10: Remapping all of the required sliders to one slider for better controlling

11:Using horster plugin for camera control