Designing buildings is very easy for Architects, but designing them according to calculations based on environmental terms will end up being a bit more difficult. Here, a block on NYC is chosen to analyse the surrounding conditions through the use of various software’s and ¬†applications to determine the living conditions for humans and how to improvise them. The applications of these software’s determines various environmental factors of the sun, weather, radiation and light penetration on a context or a building to determine how ideal can an environment be transformed into, after it has already been built. These factors¬†are important in determining how comfortable a space can be built into, or how much can the architect contribute into reshaping the Built Environment.


The following factors are taken into consideration

SOLAR ANALYSIS : It determines the sunlight factor on a given neighborhood to determine which parts and which areas need additional forms of artificial sunlight. Also, it gives an overview of the harshness of the sunlight on the neighborhood to determine shading elements or any other forms of elements to reduce or idealize the form of sunlight penetrating the spaces or any other forms of reshaping the built enviornment.

RADIATION ANALYSIS : It determines the factor heat contribution to the neighborhood and how the harsh heat penetration can be solved. performing an analysis like this, prior to designing a neighborhood, an architect would be able to add precautionary measures of shading or reflective elements to reduce the heat factor. Also, he would be able to choose between the materials.

SOLAR ANALYSIS (interior) : it helps in determining the amount of natural light penetration into an interior space like a room, an office or a restaurant. The particular study can help the architect decide on the fenestration sizes, material application with reflective index to multiply the amount of light penetration.

FACADE REPLACEMENT : The particular study describes how the sudden change of a facade can bring changes in the interior of the space and how natural light can be admitted inside without replacing materials within a space.



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