IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
R.4 // Research Thesis
Faculty: Aldo Sollazzo, Alexandre Dubor


The second year of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction will be dedicated to the development of students’ Individual Thesis Projects, which will be supervised by a Thesis Advisor. In order to support the thesis project development and strengthen the second year students professional and academic profiles, several seminars and workshops will be scheduled.

Students will be asked to submit prior to the academic year’s beginning a final Thesis Book (both in physical and digital copies) and complete the Final Submission of the Individual Thesis, which will be composed of a written and illustrated portfolio, scientific paper, models and prototypes to be shown in the IAAC closing exhibition. The Final Exhibition is a mandatory part of the year, and it will take place after the Final Presentations, involving the second year students as active actors in the exhibition’s organisation and set up.

Credits: MRAC01 class 2019-20_Digital Urban Mining Workshop // Faculty Alexandre Dubor, Stuart Maggs – Scaled Robotics, Faculty assistant Soroush Garivani.


Alexandre Dubor

Alexandre is an architect and researcher combining new technologies in an attempt to improve how we build and live in our cities. He holds a Master degree of Architecture & Engineering from EAVT & ENPC (France) and a Master Degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC (Spain), with a specialisation in robotic fabrication and large-scale additive manufacturing (FabBot 3.0). He holds as well a French architectural licence (HMONP) and has worked in various architectural offices from competition stage to delivery (Libeskind, Atenastudio, iDonati, AREP) while exploring the potential of scripting and coding in a separate practice (Collectif277). Since 2012, he is working at IAAC as an expert in digital and robotic fabrication. He is now leading the Open Thesis Fabrication programme as well as the Master in Robotic and Advanced Construction at IAAC.
Together with IAAC staff, students and industrial partners, he is investigating how new advances in material, digital fabrication and computational design could lead to a better construction ecosystem, towards a more efficient, affordable, sustainable and personalised built environment.

Aldo Sollazzo

Aldo is an architect and researcher, an expert in computational design and digital fabrication. Master in Architectonic Design in 2007, Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC in 2012, Fab Academy diploma in 2014 in the Fab Lab Barcelona, Aldo is currently involved in several projects running in parallel. Since 2011, he is the manager of Noumena, a firm embracing data-driven design, investigating between the boundaries of new digital paradigms and design strategies applied to architecture, robotics and fabrication, through a hands-on and experimental approach. He is also the founder of Fab Lab Frosinone and Director of Reshape, a digital platform promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, towards the definition of new cutting-edge practices and disruptive ideas in the field of wearable tech and fashion design. Since 2015 he is faculty at IAAC, covering the positions of Director of IAAC Global Summer School, co-Director of the Master of Robotics and Advanced Construction, and instructor of digital tools.
He is one of the Supernode of Fab Academy, the educational platform founded by Neil Gershenfeld from the MIT’s Center of Bits and Atoms. For the same programme, he is also a local coordinator for Fab Academy Paris.