Nowadays the planet is suffering, climate change, warehouse gas emission is one of the main problems on our world.
Finding new renewable energy or new way to exploit them can be a key to reduce and help the atmosphere.
This thesis is about finding new way to produce energy. In this case hydro energy from the water consum and collect in and around a specific bulding here the Valldaura bulding.
In this specific case the hypothesis is that we can generat a significant amount of energy from the water consumed and collected from the Valdaura site.
The main problems are the available amount of water, how we can improve the amount of collected water and wich kind of turbine we should use to generate this energy.
The aim is to create a specific turbine or hydro power system able to generate energy from a low amount of water.
From there this system should be ablle to be apply on a large amount of different kind of bulding acording to the availble amount of water.