PROJECT NAME: Remembrane AUTHORS: Ji Won Jun, Josep Alcover, Matteo Silverio OBJECTIVE: Use Processing to create a “user Interface” and behaviour simulations for the Remembrane project (designed in Digittal Matter Studio). VIDEO OF THE PROJECT:

IMAGES OF THE PROJECT:  Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_48 Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_49 Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_50 Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_51 Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_52 Remembrane_JiWonJun_JosepAlcover_MatteoSilverio_Page_53   INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: INPUTS sensors: -accelerometer -proximity -light user interface: -specific position internet: -weather forecast simulation -occupation -environmental factors -structural calculation   OUTPUTS -prototype movement -movement simulation -smart suggestions   3D SELECTION EXPLORATION: [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Instructions: LEFT CLICK the cubes to change their color. RIGHT CLICK and MOVE THE MOUSE to orbit. cubes03 cubes04 cubes05 cubes06   FINAL USER INTERFACE: [CLICK TO RUN ONLINE] (use Mozilla Firefox to avoid compatibility problems) [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Instructions:  1) LEFT CLICK on the red circle to unlock the surface. Once it is green it can be moved. 2) LEFT CLICK on any node of the structure and drag to move it. 3) MOVE THE MOUSE on the 3D to orbit. ui01 ui02   WIND AND PEOPLE SIMULATOR: [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Instructions:  1) Use the slider (up left) to change the amount of wind particles. 2) RIGHT CLICK on any point of the screen and keep pressed to modify wind direction. 3) LEFT CLICK and DRAG any node of the structures to move it. 4) PRESS ANY KEY to visualize the noise image that informs a vector field that affects the wind behaviour. 5) Change the settings at the beginning of the sketch to change the amount of people, number of structures, size…   str07 str08 str02 str04 str05 str06 str09 str11 str12 str13