The Never Never land house, a party house conveniently located at an elevation in the lush vegetation of Ibiza. This construction represents certain desires and fettishes that only translate into reality through synthetic drugs and romantic prespetives. The catalyst for the design process is unclear and premature, trying to apply positional and metaphorical relations but failing in terms of completion when it comes to sound reasonings or patterns of nature. The architect claims that the structure is interactive with the surrounding nature, that the design conserves yet interacts. However, this conversation is yet to be audible. Switching gears into more technical literature, the “Form & Function Follow Climate” text by Philippe Rahm, explains briefly yet explicitly the relations between climate and architecture throughout time and scientific progress. He believes that meeting the needs of today should not compromise the needs of the future. By reducing the consumpiton of non renewable energy through studying the basics of space, levels and relevant variations of temperatures, man can in fact use nature to his advantage without exploiting its resources. Giving examples of how humans through time have adapted and harvested different kinds of energies from different resources without the aid of technology. As the Afghans leveled their houses and moved through spaces according to time of day or climate. To constructing mashrabeyas in Islamic regions to ventelate and circulate air. Then to the French who used “vaults” or stables as living areas to benefit from their animals heat emission. This line of research in the broad sense is interesting as it studies the simplest ways architecture and energy harvesting correlate in different angles. To take advantage of old methods renewed through research and technology and consequently shape the future in terms of energy consumption and architecture. “Form vs Function”, and in turn, vs “Nature and Energies ” might be the simple equation superficially, yet the succesful connection between all elements would be the in depth research.