RelationalLogics_RicardoDevesa_MahdiNajafi It has been always a kind of challenge in the history of humanity that what is the exact meaning of “creativity”? As William Plomer (1903-1973) said, “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” It seems that, the meaning of connecting the dots, is more vital in the current age, than it used to be in the past. I personally believe that, this increase in the importance of the meaning is because of computer-born technologies, and its tremendous effect on the whole fields of art and sciense. Also, the term “connection” is not only referred to “creativity”, but also to the “development” of any field, as well as architecture. In “Cooking, Yo-ing, Thinking”, a paper written by Sanford Kwinter, There are some specific mentions related to the connection -or better to say relation- of nature, human and digital world. As one of the main ideas, it is found that it is possible to connect the nature and human – as a part of the nature – together, by means of computer and computational sciences and industries. This is almost what is the basis of the term “advanced architecture”. The more relation between these 3 you get, there more advanced architecture you get: 1. human culture & society 2. nature 3. information technology + computer To support the above lines, there is a case named “Moriyama house” in ohtaku, Tokyo. Basically, the idea of Ryue Nishzawa as the architect of the house, was to find a new spatial organization, both to give a diverse range of specialties to each space, and also to give the option to the client if he wants to hire some rooms to the others. To me, it was clear that there are intangible relations between this house and the surrounding environment, since due to other buildings in the neighbor, the boundaries amongst each space, and also amongst the whole house and the side buildings, was defined in a totally different way. To explain more, I could resemble the whole area of the house, to a city; in the way that every room performs as a building in a small area of a city. You have a high amount of privacy when you are in a room of this house, the rooms are totally disparted from each other, and the boundary between the house area and the street does not have a physical presence. So, a new kind of relation has been created by disturbing the traditional spatial organizations. So for further studies, there are two misunderstandings in my mind, that I supposed that could be solved during my personal research. First, I’m not sure that the “advanced architecture” is a completely clear term that represents what does it mean; and, how much is it important to world of architecture if there would be a term called this or there would not be. Secondly, I’m so curious to find out what are the whole fields that could be related via architecture; and to what extent these relations could be created via computer and information technologies; since I believe that it is the moment to find the fields that are ignored in comparison of the others.