In Architecture, Nature, Space, Drawings, Thoughts, Life, etc. there is always an inter-relationship between the contrasting extents of each of this ideology. A space can be summarised as a sum of the whole or a part of the sum depending on its context and parameter that is it subjected to. Likewise each ideology created by one under various conditions, is a conclusion of the entire thought process ranging from the initiation of the thought to the final outcome.


Houses, City, Gardens, Forest, Locale, Cloud, Diagrams, Architecture, Information, Gradation and Accidents are all notions of one’s physical understanding with the contextual scale. If placed differently, each of these outcomes would relate evenly with each other but still having different purposes. By taking the example of the N-house or the Wall House, each level of gradation starting from the structural core to the external mesh relate with the cloud concept allowing light to permeate differently. But the N-house has a Disturbed Relationship whereas the Wall House has a Positional Relationship with its surroundings, and both have varied concepts of the inner core and outer mesh. But both relate evenly with each other, while having different purposes. Considering this thought process of justification for these examples or any other examples, one would realise that eventually all the notions and concepts can be inter-related.


The most important of all these notions is Information transmitted through the Diagrams. A simple drawing can mean something relevant or something irrelevant (in that context), but it can never be completely irrelevant. A space created by means of a simple square diagram may contain nothing, it is similar to the musical notation without a stave where the musical notation still has a relationship. Likewise the drawing may contain nothing but still it is a cave where on can pre decide its use, function and the final outcome of that space.


The massing of the house is based on the concept of a tree where the concrete core depicts the trunk, the first floor its branches and the external corridor with the polycarbonate mesh its entire foliage. The House is completely sustainable system by itself as it breathes differently and adapts the various climatic conditions smartly. It works on an active system of the above mentioned external layers and thus has an Intangible relationship with its surroundings, where one can experience the outside by being inside. (Inside-out – Outside- In).




The various relationship studied between Architecture and nature has allowed us to realise that we are not so far from using nature as our habitat. Every natural element around us provides us with a specific value and function and each value and function when combined with each other in the right way, gives us the means to survive in a natural Ecology. This not only helps us to advance in these relationships but also leads us to a primitive future. Nature provides us with all, we need to give our all to nature for us to live in harmony and in a balanced Ecosystem.

Relational Logics is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016 by:

Student: Tanuj Thomas
Faculty: Maite Bravo / Ricardo Devesa / Manuel Gausa