The text The Shape of energy written by Sean Lally was in part a critic that in today’s architecture about how we are limited in designing with physical elements such as walls or physical materials to define a space, and we should stop seeing energy just as an element or a resource we can harvest but we must also start using it as our new way of defining shapes or element of enclosure. The N House designed by Sou Fujimoto in part can be related to this premise because the architect in a way tries not to define a clear boundary in the transition of the different spaces of the house to giving a gradual change in the domain. The house in a way could be included in the environmental relations because the senses and feelings of the spaces are always changing and directly adapting with the environment like the shadows produce by the trees at different hours of the day of the way the wind enters the house although the architect use energy to define in a way the space he never stops using physical elements to achieve this sensations. A topic that I’m really interested in the self-sufficient design that for me is trying to find the perfect balance between the use of vernacular materials and specific nature elements that can only be founded on the site, with an architecture that follows all the sustainable premises that at the same time is able to adapt to its immediate surroundings and environmental changes for giving the best possible experience for the people that is going to develop any activities inside.   Untitled-1