This project brings together two contrasting design intents, the random and the controlled.  In order to combine a machine that maps the motion of moving water – producing drawings with unpredictable jittering movements – with a mechanism for creating regulated and repetitive circles, the overriding motions had to be assessed.


The key to this iteration of the ‘drawing machine’ is the reduction and intensification of the wave motion to become the central component to the machine.

The overall form retains a circular propensity, however what happens within these bounds is free and dependant on the torsional freedom of the central component.

Manual Labour





Drawing Machine is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017 by:

Students: Yasmina Wery, Irene Ayala Castro, Krati Gorani + Kathleen Bainbridge
Faculty: Edouard Cabay + Rodrigo Aguirre