Performance is the main criteria to start searching for facade design ideas, In our case, we choose indoor thermal and light control to be our main aim for the facade design. To demonstrate this process we set up a system to implement this idea over leftovers of Aluminium Composite panels (ACP).  Therefore, We extract the information by Material behavior testing. Using a robotic arm for shaping and assemblage the material through pick and place process.


  • Performance: Ideas for Thermal and light indoor control


  • Material properties and existing application



  • Material Research Methodology, results and conclusion



  • Introducing Robotic Fabrication and Milling process


On one hand the robotic fabrication process was divided into 3 parts that complete each other, in the other hand, Folding and assembling were a challenge and needs more exploration. As a result we decided to use CNC machines for milling so we can optimize the robotic explorations more in folding ad assembling.


  • Robotic Folding Test and process enhancement

A Fail!






  • Fabrication Vision and Constrains 



An automated mass customization production system of ACP components could be handled by One robot in a space, where all the processes are taking place precisely at one time.



  • Facade Component Design and Performance

Creating a facade component by translating material research results, robotic fabrication tests and shape performance researches in one of many simple shapes that can scale through geometrical combinations then Creating 3 iterations of components to use for different performance need.

  • Prototyping


  • Application on Building Facade and Performance enhancement


  • Application on Existing building: Plug-In Building by Mias Architects

Reduce, Reuse, Fold!  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Masters of Robotics and Advanced Construction in 2019-2020 by Students: Abdelrahman Koura , Elena Jaramazovic, Irem Yagmur CebeciFaculty: Alexandre Dubor, Raimund Krenmueller.