Project Name : Recylced FaBrick (Glass) by Vittal Sridharan Materials : Broken Bricks,  Glass Bottles, Glue Team Members : Amay Gurkar, Harshad Sutar, Saiqa Iqbal, Vittal Sridharan Process : A wooden mould, the size of a standard brick is laser cut. A layer of grease is added to the inner face to avoid glue from sticking onto the mould.Broken Bricks are assembled in different orders inside the mould and the negative/leftover space is filled with crushed glass bottle chips and glue.The brick is then allowed to dry in the sun till the glue bonds with the glass chips and the face of the bricks. Concept: To create partition walls with different textures, reflectivity & weight thus  creating interesting facades and adding a character to the otherwise simple looking clay bricks.Even in load bearing structures the walls could be a combination of standard clay bricks along the load-lines and these hybrid bricks along the non-load lines.This process not only creates interesting facades but also indicates the forces acting on the wall in a graphical manner.A further research into such combinative proccesses could add a new dimension to the way brick is concieved as a construction material. Project Co-ordinators : Claudia Pasquero & Marco Poleto (EcoLogic Studio)