This Research aims to provide a multifaceted approach to integrate the idea of Zero waste into solving the issues of the poor human living condition by introducing circularity in slums by Recycling – Constructing – Earning through plastic waste which will Rejuvenate the blighted areas.

Overview of slumsOverview of Plastics


Scientific Interest

Systainable development goals



Defining a slum Defininsg a slum

Case study

Occupation in slumsRoofs accross Bangalore Material typology

SolutionState of the artState of the art AimSolid waste compositionPlastics in BangalorePotential of plastics

Recycling recipeInterventionMinimal house formsDemountable domesGeodesic domes

Geometry of domesComponents of a domeBamboo abundancy



Parametrs for design

Catalogue of connectors


Connector 3

Catalogue of connectors connector 4 Connector 5connector 5

connector 6

Introducing clay



Testing clay moulds

Connector type 6


Sheet press HDPESheet press HDPE



DIY Manual


Recycle-Resettle-Rejuvenate is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture in the thesis studio Advanced Manufacturing in 2021/22 by Student: Prarthana Sudhindra and Faculty: Vincent Huyghe and Gabriele Liuda Jureviciute