This CNC milling machine recursive ribcage project was made on the 2 axis CNC machine.

RhinoCam Simulation

The geometry was inspired by the ribcage of animal skeletons.

10 mm Plywood was used, with Rhino as the modelling software.
Shopbot was used as the post processor, and the workpiece volume was 35cm x 25cm x 20cm.

A flat mill with profiling was used to cut the plywood. We used a flute with a diameter of 4 and the size of 2.
The spindle speed was 12000 RPM and the cut direction was upcut.
The Step down Control (dZ) was 50%, the Stepover Distance was 25%, and the total mill time was 16 minutes.

3D Model

Recursive Ribcage is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) 2021/22
Students: Aswyn Kumar, Nader Akoum and Meagan Enright
Faculty: Cristian Rizzuti
Faculty assistant: Arman Najari