Years after being abandoned, a fungus called Raspin finds its way to the Mies Pavilion in Barcelona through where the column meets the ground.

As it expands, it has to avoid the sunlight for that means almost instant annihilation. While it expands towards the inner building, Raspin mutates, it becomes ruthless, expands substantially. It branches out aggressively, which means a constant risk of contamination wherever it touches.

Before long, the pavilion is no more, all that is left is merely a sunblock for Raspin.

Infested is an exploration of a fictional fungus. It starts as a simple grid of triangles, later starts branching up just to expand more.

20 Iterations
Infestation spreads to the ground.

25 Iterations
Infestation on the floor randomly mutates, forming tree structures.
Ont the intersection of the tree structure and the roof, another infestation begins.

30 Iterations
With every different loop, different forms are created with the same rules.

35 Iterations
As the iterations continue, more infestation spreads, thus more mutations are taking places by %15 chance.

Pseudo Code

  • Select the location and create a curve on the location as the start point of the infestation.
  • Create mesh in the curve.
  • Push the mesh to the sides by using the vertex points as a sphere to collide.
  • Divide the meshes that are getting larger than a certain amount of dimension into two in order to multiply.
  • Delete the faces that reach to sunlight(windows) or to the walls.
  • Randomly choose faces to mutate by %15 chance.
  • Move the triangle face on the z-axis, copy rotate and iterate in order to create a tree structure base.
  • When the growing shape touches the roof, start another infestation from the intersect.
  • Iterate the same, this time with smaller shapes and on negative z-axis.
Student: Doruk Y?ld?r?m
Tutor: Rodrigo Aguirre
Tutor Assistants: Daniil Kosheluyk, Nikoleta Mougkasi